SIPAHI & CO | Eco Luxury Leather Goods


The leather industry is only at the beginning of the sustainability journey - as consumers start becoming more sensitive about the provenance as well as the environmental, social and public health impact of the leather goods they purchase. Consumers increasingly demand more quality, reliability and sustainability. 

We go to great length in order to encourage respect for the quality of the animals’ lives. It is paramount to us that the animal has been raised humanely and that the leather is tanned naturally through the use of plant and non-toxic materials.


Our hides are a by product of the meat industry and are procured from free roaming livestock from small West Country farms.

These farms put the welfare of the animals at the heart of their business.

Due to favourable farming conditions this leather outperforms all standards in terms of durability and elegance. 




Why are we so passionate about our leather? Not only is it sustainable, non-polluting and 100% environmentally friendly, but we believe it is the finest material available today. We won’t settle for anything less. 

Any waste water discharge into the environment is avoided because of the  exclusive use of oak bark, plant tannins and lime to cure, preserve and tan our leather.

Oak bark tanning is exceptional due to its 14-month long, gentle process that protects the natural fibres of the hide unlike modern tanning methods. This sustainable process produces uniquely crafted, durable, luxury leather which ages beautiful with time - like fine Bordeaux!


Nothing leads to good that is not natural
— Friedrich von Schiller