SIPAHI & CO | Eco Luxury Leather Goods

As with any natural material, the correct care is vital for the looks and longevity of the leather and buckles to be maintained.


Bridle and harness leathers are very tough and will survive hard use but will last better, look better and perform better with care. 

When you receive your order it will have some of the white wax that was applied to the grain side as protection during tanning still present. This will either wear away with use, or can be removed with a cloth when you treat your new item as described below.

Your new belt can be treated throughout its life just as any other item of quality saddlery. We recommend a Leather Feed such as Sedgwick Leather Feed as it is specifically formulated for this type of bridle leather. All our leatherwork will benefit from treatment when it starts to feel dry or has been exposed to inclement weather or a damp environment. Simply work some of the feed into both the flesh and grain side with your fingers and polish off with a clean lint free cloth or soft brush when dry, typically in 2 - 4 hours.

If the leather has got wet it should be allowed to dry at room temperature and should never be hung in front of a fire or radiator. Once the item has dried out a dressing of Neetsfoot Oil may be applied to rejuvenate the item. Apply using your hands as the warmth will help the oil penetrate the fibres.


If your buckle is left untreated over time the finish may tarnish and acquire the natural patina the metal develops, particularly if used in harsh climatic conditions. Many people like this patination and anxiously await its development, but if you prefer the original high gloss shine don't panic! You can use a good silver polish cloth.

Please follow the instructions on the packet for detailed instructions, but be aware that you should not allow the cleaner to contact the leather. 

Once you have cleaned your buckle an application of Renaissance Wax will help protect from tarnishing over the longer term and will protect the buckle from chemicals in the environment (mostly on our hands) that cause tarnishing.

Each of our belts are individually crafted by Master Saddlers