SIPAHI & CO | Eco Luxury Leather Goods


At Sipahi & Co, we take pride in driving sustainability through every element of our supply chain; even our packaging is made in Britain from 100% recycled materials. Proud members of the ‘Ethical Fashion Forum’, the ‘Make it British’ and the ‘Made in Britain’ campaigns, when it comes to eco-conscious production, we seek to educate, encourage and inspire. 


Leather: all our leather is sourced from the last existing British tannery of its kind. Working with hides from small surrounding farms in the West Country, this extraordinary tannery uses oak bark to tan their leather; a rare practice that takes 14 months. This gentle, but lengthy process protects the natural fibres of the hides, ensuring a distinctive, durable leather that develops a beautiful patina with age. 

Recycled Brass Hardware: our buckles are exclusively made for us in one of the last remaining English foundries from repurposed scrap brass. Individually sand cast and hand polished - they are of unmistakable quality.

Recycled Packaging: Our packaging is made in Britain from 100% recycled materials.



Leather and buckle meet in the saddlery. Using an ancient saddle stitch method, our belts are handmade using the traditional tools of English Master Saddlers.

Every detail is considered, from burnished edges to oval shaped belt holes for a perfect fit.

The ancient saddle-stitch-method is a time consuming art that creates masterpieces to last a life-time.

Lin Cable Au Chinois is the most resilient waxed linen thread. The strands are twisted twice before being immersed in beeswax and then brushed with horsehair. 




Buy less, choose well, make it last.
— Vivienne Westwood