SIPAHI & CO | Eco Luxury Leather Goods

Sipahi & Co. are redefining the eco-luxury leather goods market. Combining expert craftsmanship with the finest natural materials, we create sustainably sourced leather goods, made exclusively in Great Britain. Our philosophy? Buy once - cherish forever.

We may use ancient techniques and time honoured craft traditions, but our aesthetic is decidedly contemporary. This juxtaposition of past and present is what makes Sipahi & Co truly unique.

When it comes to leather, we are purists and perfectionists. The journey from raw hide to belt is a slow, immersive process. Like a fine Bordeaux, high quality leather is defined by its capacity to age gracefully. A Sipahi & Co. belt does just that; softening and wearing in the most beautiful way. 

Buy less, choose well, make it last.
— Vivienne Westwood


A Sipahi, from a 16th-century Western engraving

A Sipahi, from a 16th-century Western engraving

Sipahis were part of the Ottoman cavalry - equivalent of the European armoured knights. These troops were largely accustomed to fighting on horseback and their strength lay in their mobility as mounted archers. The sipahi formed their own distinctive social classes, and were notably in rivalry with the Janissaries, the elite corps of the Sultan. The word is derived from Persian (سپاهی,), meaning "soldier".